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In here you will find various articles and testimonial from people who converted to Islam. You will also find some interesting power point presentation collected from famous scholars on Islam. If God wills, we will try to keep adding to this page more fascinating information about Islam .

Power Point Presentation by Famous Scholars
Dawa-Tool-Time Abdul Hye Ph.D
Price of Paradise Abdul Hye Ph.D
Where do you stand and What every woman should know Abdul Hye Ph.D
The Fifteen Punishments IPIC
Alaqsa and Qubat Al Sakhra Mosque IPIC
Selected Hadith from Sahih Al Bukharee Saaid.net
Miscelaneous videos
How to wash a body before burial?  (92 MB)
Please allow time for windows media to upload. This is in Arabic but the process is self explanatory.

Flash Presentation
The True Religion  The True Religion Image Bilal Philips
Last Breath Author is unknown at the moment
Miscelaneous articles
Family Tree of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)  
Stories of Converts to Islam
How I Came to Islam?
How Allah Brought me to Islam
Discovering Islam: A Canadian Muslima's Story
The Decision
Priests & Preachers Enter Islam