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eat-halal.com What to eat, and what Muslims should avoid from eating.
islamworld.net Qur'an in 12 languages, hadith, creed, articles, Dawah.
islamway.com Audio download, articles, Qur'an.
jannah.org Prayer times, downloads, audios, articles.
moonsighting.com All you need to know about Islamic calendar and moon sighting.
muhaddith.org Download books, azan prayer, free books.
dictionary.ajeeb.com Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary on line.
iad.org Free Qur'an and books
harunyahya.com Excellent site for documentaries videos and downloads.
abouttajweed.com Reciting the Holly Qur'an in Tajweed.
islamtomorrow.com Articles and downloads.
islamicfinder.org Search engines for Muslim organization, health, education, news , economy and culture